Random Friday Blog

* I keep having to send emails to a guy in Germany whose last name is "Schlünß". Okay... the omluts are cool, but how the fuck do you pronounce that "ß" letter? It's not a "B", although I think "Schlunb" is a pretty funny last name. Like something you'd give a cartoon villian. He would totally drop a brick on his foot and then hop around, jumping on one leg whilst swearing in German. Ha ha ha. Silly Schlunb.

I need to get drünk.

* I watched Obama's acceptance speech in its entirety (and by "entirety" I mean up until about the 24 minute mark, when I was distracted by a sandwich and then went back to watching "Shaun of the Dead". I feel I can now properly engage in political dialogue. I think the thing I like best about Barack is his ears. I bet he has like super-hearing and shit. I know this is the easy joke about him, but no one else seems to want to make it. That should probably tell me something, in terms of common sense. Hmmm...Nope. I got nothing. HE HAS REALLY BIG EARS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!

If you vote for McCain, you might as well put a Mummy whose tomb you've desecrated in the White House. Because he is also old and will kill us all.

*I have watched all three "Resident Evil" movies in the last week. They started out strong (Mila Jovovich's boobies in the first five minutes!) and ended weak. (No boobies, bad plot) This, plus Shaun of the Dead brings my Zombie Movie count up to 4 for a 5 day period. I think we can all agree that makes me an expert.

*I'm thinking of taking next week off from blogging. I need to get some other writing done, and all this genius takes a lot of effort. Just imagine if you had to solve all the world's problems everyday and then the next morning when you woke up, you had to solve them all again. That's what it's like for us superheroes.

Have a great long weekend! Here's some Shaun for You:

Shaun Of The Dead Trailer


Jaimi said...

The umlout thing makes a "ss" sound. So it would be Schlunss.

I have to disagree with you Zombie expert statement. There has GOT to be more involved to become an expert.

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN! I can't believe my two years of German ALMOST came in handy, but somebody beat me to it:(

(It's called an 'S tset'.) (Frickin Germans.)

"Because he is also old and will kill us all." Bwahahahahahahaha! I don't know why I'm laughing, it's totally true! ACK!

If you don't blog next week... Um... -Good luck with the other writing;) HOSER! ~OM

xo12 said...

I always pick the smartest candidate because I'm an IQ elitist. I have big plans to be the next first lady if Nader wins. Every president needs a beard, and I'm it. I'll usher in a new era of polyester and key parties.

Char said...

forget Resident Evil when the Evil Dead are the best EVER

hail to the king baby

Mandy said...

I like your political analysis.

Mr Farty said...

I love Shaun of the Dead.
And I want to eat his brains.

Did you catch the "Join us" quote in the bathroom?

Toot toot!