A Christmas Letter*

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to throw a quick note in with our Christmas card so that those of you who we haven't felt obliged to talk to for the last year can feel some small guilt this holiday season, secure in the knowledge that you have completely fallen out of touch with us.

Brian started the year off well. He won the inter-glacial ski-sailing championship in Norway despite heavy competition and a strong showing by the Canadians. He said at the time that he thought maybe they were spiking the akvavit** with extra caraway seeds, giving them an athletic edge, but it turns out the fortuitous mauling of the team captain by a randy moose kept them from capitalizing on this.

Maxine had a great year as well. While technically still not allowed within 100 yards of  the School for the Deaf, after what became known as the "The Mashed Potato Incident", she has found a way to surgically alter that one mole she has to look like Brent Musburger, as has always been her dream. She spends her afternoons lounging around the sanitarium and hurling insults at members of the staff, all of whom she now refers to a "Sir Mortimer Ponce Willobury Snee." They in turn, beat her nightly with soap wrapped in a towel.
But with love.

Little Marly had a tough go of it this year, between the failed application to Space Camp and the loss of her precious stuffed cat "Fucker", she spent all of 2008 filling her closet with earth from the back yard and then burying herself up to the neck in it. Don't worry about her though! She is still competeting in this December's State-wide Moaning tournament. We expect another silver medal at least!

And finally, after 19 long years of marriage, Patricia and I have finally decided that murdering her is the best possible way to end our relationship. She offered resistance to the idea at first but then she blacked out and the rest, as they say is for the courts to decide. Have Yourself a happy holiday season and I hope that you don't spend too much time filling out those silly legal actions again this year. Remember: If you got this card, we have your address!


* This is the kind of thing I never think of until too late. I think next year I am totally going to write a fictionalized Christmas letter and mail it to my whole family.

** Akvavit can also be spiced with corriander, if you're into that kind of thing (perv)


Char said...

I always hate those letters I get each year

foxxx said...

I got my two this year. One from someone I've know up close and personal for the whole of that time and one from 'friends' who moved house in the interim and didn't bother to tell.

I don't have coriander or cummin flavoured beverages, but I do have toffee vodka *hic*

And a Messy Chrimbast to you too....

Love 'em all :o)

Cynthia said...

I look forward to the Christmas letters. I had no idea so many families we know had children that are potential nobel prize candidates.

Sometimes we get ones that are detailed accounts of the author's medical woes. Near death in most cases. One year I actually sent a sympathy card back in response to a particularly gut wrenching (read: gag inducing) Christmas letter. Talk about the holiday spirit!

Really though, I like them. It's part of the Christmas thing. Even the weird ones. Especially the weird ones. If you send one out next year, don't forget to put me on your list okay?

floyd said...

People believe a fat man riding a flying sleigh magically comes down the chimney, tip-toes through their house and eats their cookies, and although cryptozoology has yet to add it to the list, they still tell tales of flying red-nosed reindeer ever damned year.

I used to wonder where people came up with these things, then I started reading your blogs.